Octo Mom Reality TV Show

Will there be a Nadya Suleman Octomom Reality Show?

If you haven’t heard the latest buzz on Octomom, there are rumors going around that there will be an Octomom Reality Show!

Supposedly she has worked something out with an online company or network to start the reality show when her last baby returns home.

That’s not the whole story though, the show is not going ot only show Octo Mom and the family of 14 kids, it will also follow Nadya Suleman as she try’s to find a relationship!

You can be sure that we’ll be following the story closely.

Nadya has one TV condition:

She refuses to be called “Octomom,” demanding the term not be used on the show.

What do you think the name of the show will be?  What are your thoughts?

Octomom Night : Airhogs Host Ballpark Night

Games like “Guess How Many Buns Are in My EZ Bake Oven” will be among the featured events when minor-league baseball’s Grand Prairie AirHogs in Taxas host “Octomom Night.”

In honor of the Suleman octuplets in California, the independent league club said Wednesday it will also have a Diaper Derby and a stroller race the night of the June 13 game.

Groups of eight or more will be offered half-price admission and if the AirHogs score eight or more runs during the game, every fan will get a ticket to another game

At least some people are making light of the crazy Octo Mom story!

Hospital Workers Fired for Looking at Octo-Mom Records

How many workers were fired for looking at Nadya Suleman’s hostpital records?

It’s been reported that 15 hospital workers were fired for looking at Octomoms records.  Kaiser Permanente spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday the violations of health care privacy laws were reported to the state Department of Public Health.

Anderson says that eight other employees were disciplined for accessing her files at Kaiser’s hospital in Bellflower, where Suleman gave birth to the octuplets on Jan. 26.

Nadya does not plan to sue the hospital for breach of privacy and officials believe there wasn’t any information that was shared with the media.

Why do you think the employees were looking at her hospital documents?

Do you think they shared any of OctoMoms hospital information with the media?