As a adoptive Mom I think what your are doing is horrible.  There are many people out there that would love and be able to care for your children without taking welfare.  You made this choice consciously even though realistically any intelligent person would know they couldn’t afford 14 children, unless you were independently wealthy.  I believe the Dr. that allowed this to happen should help support your children.  I am not sure what you thought in doing this.

Your children might not be neglected, but they are certainly not cared for the way they should be.  You might consider giving them up to people that will help them prosper as good citizens instead of more stress on the welfare system.

I thank God everyday for the woman that carried my son and realized she could not care for him properly already having a child and being only 19.  She is very proud of her decision today when she sees how her son has flourished.

You made a bad decision and your children should not have to pay for your stupidity.

A Mom who loves her adopted child like her own.