There is something seriously wrong with you mentally.  You’ve even admitted that your “addicted” to having children and I am certain with some psychology visits, you would be found to having more problems than that.  And then to ask people for money to save your house while your out on shopping sprees (for yourself) and having your hair done?  My goodness.  I’d love to know you you have the money for In Vitro Fertilization?  One cycle of In Vitro can cost around $12,000 plus ovulation drugs and other medications would cost extra, and to freeze embryos for future use, there is a cost for storing and freezing!!  Who is paying for your attorney?  How  Your unemployed, filing or have filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy that may approach 1 million dollars.  You stated you would NEVER take welfare, but now receive $2000/month for food only.  Fourteen kids that you cannot take care of, how do you buy clothing and other necessities for your children?  Your also having your attorney fight for the rights to the “Octomom” name.  On top of the food stamps, you’ve received money for a work comp claim and disability claims.  Is that how you’ve made your living so far?

Now your selling yourself our for p**n, good idea – just make sure to use a condom.  I think this was a complete publicity stunt that has now gone wrong because no one is impressed that you had In Vitro to have eight babies when you already had 6 children you couldn’t care for.  You thought you’d get a reality show and all kinds of things.  Granted, you’ve gotten a few.  Most people don’t have time for your foolishness though.

Even in the event that you were able to save your house, a four bedroom w/3 bathroom house is not a sufficient size for yourself and your fourteen children.  Those children that the state gives you $2000 for food, medicare for the babies and children, and money to live on.  I am voicing my opinion and if people don’t like it, that is too bad.  I believe that you need to undergo a complete phychological evaluation, probably more than one.  I also believe that Children’s Services needs to remove the children from your care based on the fact that you are unable to care for them and you obviously need some serious mental help in your life.  You cannot raise children in the mental state that your in.

You wanted fame and you got it – it just wasn’t the fame you were looking for.  I don’t think people should threaten you or try to harm you, but I do believe those children should be put in environments where they can be taken care of properly by people that actually WANT children, even if it means splitting the children up.

The way to describe you is by saying you have a terribly strong need for attention and will do virtually anything to get it.  I seriously hope that Child Services removes those children from your care so they have a chance at a good life!