Dear Nadya,
I have great compa*sion for you. It is difficult enough to have made decisions that proved unwise but are compounded when you have little ones to care for and ma*sive public scrutiny to endure. It is by this public scrutiny that I know of your situation. I know that life must be almost unbearable for you.

I regret to hear that in spite of your best efforts to avoid it, you ended up as a s*x worker. I dread its future impacts on your family. Being financially and socially cornered could provoke anyone into unthinkable things. I pray God’s mercy upon you and your family amidst the exploitative and malicious forces that would rather see you destroyed than overcome.

Repenting of your unbelief in Christ Jesus is the foremost step to changing your life. God alone can help you and will do so through people whom He has given the capacity to care for you. I pray for you to repent and believe in Christ: not just for changed temporal circumstances, but for your and your children’s souls to be eternally reconciled to God. In spite of your current and perpetual difficulties, your life doesn’t have to end in failure. Trust in the risen Christ for this life and eternity. I hope that all goes well for you and your family in the days and years to come.