H**lo Nayda,

I recently saw you on the view again last week. I have to say that you looked fantastic and I think it is great that you are making money from self-pleasure videos. Keep the money coming!

The reason I am writing to you is this. I heard you say that you are ‘Pro-life’ and that you still have frozen embryos. So my question is this why don’t you donate all you embryos that remain to a single person, couple hetro/gay and let them have the chance to become parents. You can stipulate who or what family you wish to donate to, they will then adopt your embryos and they will then be their children from there on to nurture in their body or a surrogates. Being a parent is magical, so stop being so seifish and spread your blessing to someone else. I mean you really don’t think you will be having any more after you have been blessed with 14…..some people don’t get to get one. Even when they also deserve and need a family.

Just a thought.

Claudia (LA)