GIVE Octomum the Thumbs Up she’s a great woman.

All I can say is that anyone who brings life into the world is wonderful. She has looked after these children as well as her other children. I don’t know how she does it but she should be applauded. Save any negative words for those p2 parent families who cant even raise one child properly because they are too interested in their social lives. To think she did it for money is ludicrous. She already had children and as any mother will tell you its a h**l of a lot of work and even if you had millions its no walk in the park.

And now I hear she has filed for bankruptcy….well she cant work with all those kids and I’m surprised she has made such a huge effort to go this long supporting herself and her kids. Bottom line is … she looks after those kids you can see it and she always ties to make sure she has time for the others as well. A few years from now when those kids are older they’ll realize what a sacrifice she has made for them

How do you measureĀ  human being, by giving life and nurturing it or how much money or a*sets they have.

I wish someone would donate her a huge sum of money so she could relax and enjoy her beautiful children without stress.

Its stressful when money problem come along and I only have 2.

Poor woman needs some support and recognition not negative comments that people post just for the h**l of it not realizing how much hurt they put onto her when she just whats to love her kids. Leave her alone.