God bless your family

Nadya I have been trying to keep up with how the lives of both you and your babies are. I am sorry to hear you have been reduced to making p**nos to support you children but I do understand the thinking behind it. It is honorable that you would put yourself beneath the needs of your children but honey please know that YOU are important as well. Please don’t continue to disgrace yourself; pray to God and I promise you he will give you another way. It may require you to take two lower paying jobs and you may have to beg for help but it is better than selling yourself to the devil. I feel for you and I know you don’t need the constant bashing you are getting. People like to tear others down–it makes them feel like the mistakes they have made are not as bad. Also be careful what you say, especially to the media because they will twist it around and try to demonize you. God bless you and your children. I will pray for you.