Hello From KY

Dear Nadya,

I’ve followed your case on the news like everyone else since I first heard you were pregnant.  I know you’ve had a rough time of it, but also know you have done what you felt in your heart was right to take care of yourself, and your children.  Honestly….when I saw your pics before you were pregnant, while you were, and especially now….I have to say.  You are truly the most beautiful and s*xy woman I have ever seen.


I can’t say how your personality is, as honestly….have only heard interviews you have given….But I wonder if your as sweet as  your s*xy and beautiful.  Honestly I am suprised your not in movies or a model of some kind.  You truly are stunning.


I am just a man from KY…far from Hollywood and the lights.  But I had to say go after your dreams, and your heart.  Raise your children and i hope you  find a man someday that sees you for the truly amazing woman and mother that you are.  If you could ever use a friend, honestly I would love to talk to you.  But I am sure you stay flooded with emails.  LOL  So hard to tell who is sincere.  But I had to take a chance and say h**lo.


Leland Craig Payton