I wish I was half the mom you are

Just saw the interview you did with GMA and I could not believe some of the cruel comments people posted. I know mothers married with 1 child that can’t manage their kids yet you manage to take care of 14. You should not feel bad about receiving public a*sistance, I would rather you get it than some of these bankers and politicians that rob the american people blind, not to mention the billions that are thrown away and given away to people that are in this country illegially that receive free health care and housing. I commend you on the sacrifaces you have made to raise and support your children the best way you know how, it can’t be easy being in the public eye and trying to raise a family I don’t think most mothers could handle that kind  of pressure. I believe God has a plan for you Nadya, So hang in there girl,  your children should be proud to have a mom like you.

God Bless you and your family.