Ignore the Haters

I was particularly incensed at how you were treated by Suze Orman on Oprah’s show.  Some help.  Getting you to acknowledge you’re having problems paying bills!  That wasn’t a hand up – which either woman could have given you with very strict terms – instead a slap in the face.  Shame on both women.


If I didn’t have so many of my own financial problems, I would find a way to give you gainful employment working out of the home.


It is very disappointing that p**n is the only direction you could find to feed yourself and your kids.  I’m sure there’s another way.  Perhaps a music store or celebrity could donate musical instruments and you can create a band.  The music would also help the children not be so rambuctious.

Good luck to you and your beautiful children.  Resist all attempts to have your children removed from your care.  They must stay together.