Job Offer

Dear Nadya,

I have a job offer for you in a Reality Show.   This is not like a show that follows people around.  This will be a syndicated regular week series that features Musicians who battle for the chance to become the “All-Star Musician” and win the week’s purse. They do their playing around the wrestling ring which is rigged up with many different sounds, actions etc. and the girls and guys who are the dancer/stunt/wrestlers will use their power and beauty to mesmerize the audience as they try to take out the musicians and each other.

The fighting is fake but it is all done to create a high energy tv show where thousands of people watch live in the audience. The show is filmed live and it is edited to be aired soon after. This show will start in one location and then move to other locations.  The show will aire weekly. After watching your adult home video trailer, I said, “That’s it! That’s the Number One Beauty Queen Star that people flock to see fight in the ring (Dance) to stop the Musicians from winning. This show is all about music and dance.

I know you need money and I know you have all those kids but I am telling you if we get this show off the ground it could rake in millions the first time.  Therefore, you could appear in Boston for a week of filming but then be back home in Texas until the next show which could be in Los Angeles or Nashville.

My partner has put years into the development of the script, getting the camera men who have also worked on American Idol. Hiring so many different people that this venture could really make every permanent member rich.

Come talk to us as we embark on the  ground floor of Battling Musicians.

All the best to you,

Charity Fortune

for Craig M. Steffanides, Fourstar Challenge Records