Keep on going Octomom

Dear Nadya. I am writing to you from Serbia. I have been following your story for some time now, and I am truly amazed by the strength you show both dealing with your family life and media and public trashing you are facing every day. Be sure that you are one extraordinary person, I personally don’t know anyone could take that kind of pressure day by day. So please, just keep on going, I will pray for you every day, and don t worry to much.God will keep you and your children safe. You are a true hero and I really hope you read this, because nobody gives you credit for heroic work you do, they all try to get some dirt on you so they can sell they magazines and get more viewers, and that is ok, but taking care of 14 children for some reason is not. Nobody says to you , well done Nadya, good job, and I really don t understand why…So I am really touched by your story and I wish you all the best in the future