Let’s be friends…

Hi…Three years ago while going through invitro. we produced 13 embyos. I chose to only have two implanted hoping at least one would become a child. We now have a healthy twin boy & girl. Everyday I look at them & wonder what their siblings would be like. Unless you’ve been through such difficult choices people don’t realize the emotional pain people like you or, I go through.

My family & I live in Palo Alto, CA. & I’ve always supported your choice to have all your children. I was proud to see you looking so healthy & sounding so together on Dr, Phil today. You are an amazing woman.

My husband & I and my friends & family only want the best for you. You should consider moving up here. Many families in our area have 3 or, more kids. No one I’ve heard speaks poorly of you around here. We love you. God Blea*s you & your kids. I will always be here if you need a friend. email me at [email protected] STRONG WOMEN ROCK!!