Letter to Octomom | Subject: All the best :-)


I cannot understand how a mother who in the end unexpectedly got so many children is the target od slanderous speeches in stead of being surrounded by helping-hands and supporting hearts!!

Well do people who speak good of who care for her children, and I wonder about the fuss concerning > the “social money”: many people get such money and are not taking all their time, with their children as she does. And many teachers with wages would break down or run away from such full-time job.

And fuss concerning > her having so many children: it happened to her: 200 years ago, families with more than 8 children were often, but the difference is that the death rate of life was then far higher.

As somebody wrote here: “I believe God blessed her with these babies”. Well do all who encourage and support her to care for them at her best, and don’t try “selling their help” by telling her what she has to do: they wouldn’t feel having to do so to other mothers also.

I pray that God makes you meet the right people and also surround you with the right respecting and loving support, so for you to be able to keep your pace, on the long run.

Wish you all the best for 2011 and good courage on your way.

God bless you.