Letter to Octomom | Subject: Article: THINK ABOUT THE KIDS


I wrote an article about acceptance. I hope to contribute to a less angry att*tude towards Nadya Suleman with my article. She is a stranger to me, but as a mom who wants the best for her kid, I have to look at this matter from a different point of view. It has nothing to do with religion or destiny, it;s about dealing with what we cannot change.

I watched channel four’s Octomom: Me and My 14 Kids. I agree that having fourteen kids was a mistake. But from watching her I have to conclude: she is doing okay. I can tell you guys one thing: when I get up for my baby in the middle of the night I quickly help him so we can both quickly go back to sleep. No chatting! Just cuddles. She sits down and enjoys her baby’s company in the middle of the night! Hats of to that! This woman is a sweet caring mom from what I saw. Okay she made a horrible mistake. But she is dealing with it in a wonderful way, I tell ya: I would not be able to pull that off!

And for the record: the only way to pay for the kids needs without tapping into taxpayers’money is through the media circus. Believe me, she is paying for her mistake every moment of her life you guys.

So it seems to me we should just watch how she is coping and then decide whether we hate her or not. But going on and on about her mistake is not going to fix a thing: these babies are here to stay you guys! So hating their mother is just not going to help them in life. Her older kids are so angry with her and hurting her with all the trashtalking they read on the internet.

Come on people: the choice is yours. Look for the answer to this question in your heart, just think about the kids, not the mom: Do these kids deserve a happy childhood with their loving mom or not? If you can answer yes, and I bet you most of you can, then stop the trashtalking about their mom. It’s obvious she should never have done it. But what’s done is done. We can’t turn back time.