Letter to Octomom | Subject: U GO GURL!

Nadia darling, its ok to have your tummie tucked, guess what, this is America! although you dont own anyone nothing, if you feel in your heart that what you want people to believe, then “right on” for you, you are a divined unique individual just as we all are, you have the same rights as anyone else, so go on gurl, live your life and let society say what ever you make them feel and believe, guess what, this is America, the land of the free, not too sure about the beauty part about America by reading some of the replies about you and your life, America sure dont sound too beautiful with what its made of……the American people! Reading some of those responses sort of made me think about the people in this world, if people act the way they think and respond WOW, America may need a tummy tuck too, in other words, my fellow American people please be nice to her, she is int*tled to live her life as an American, so raise up off her and tend to your own lives, she is a beautiful woman and her children dont need to grow up and hear all this negative B.S. about her choices she’s made in her own life, so people, please if you would, get the speck out your own eye before trying to remove the one you feel is in hers. God Bless America and the children He put on this earth. Thank You!