Letter to Octomom | Subject: You are blessed!

Dear Nadya,
A few weeks ago, I Tivo-ed one of Oprah’s last shows, the one in which you last featured.  Having watched it, I had to write to you, hoping  you get to read this.  First of all, I did not know what an intelligent woman you are, plus, (contray to what the media would have us believe)  you have absolutely NOTHING WRONG on you, physically or mentally.    You said you did what you did to prove yourself to women.  Well, you more than have, and many women secretly envy you.  Children are a gift from God.  He gives only good gifts, Nadya.  And He never gives you more than you can handle.  Whenever your portion seems overwhelming to you, know that He has already made a way out for you, so that you may not be overwhelmed.  Thank Him and seek His guidance for all you decisions.
Even though I only have two children, both under three years of age, I can say I understand some of what you go through.  There are times I go to bed wiped out… completely.  Yet, when I see the joy these two bring me, it is all worth it.  How much more you, with 14!  More work, more fatigue, more anxiety, maybe…, and definitely more joy.
 I am writing to you to encourage you.  God is with you.  He will not leave you alone.  Please trust in Him, entirely.  God does not look at the size of your mistakes.  He looks at our hearts and His forgiveness and grace are far greater than anything we could ever do.  What human being is there that has not made mistakes?  Those are the very ones saying negative things about you!!!  Take with greatest caution the counsel that the world gives.  The wisdom of men is foolishness before God.  God who is with you, will not forsake you.  Whatever you do, let God’s wisdom be the final authority.  
God understands that you may not have time to read the Bible everyday.  However,   it remains very vital to every human being, even to a busy mom like you. My advice is, buy yourself an audio Bible.  Have it playing when you do chores… or listen to a portion of it before you go to sleep.  Infuse yourself with the promises of God, and pray them out loud from time to time.  Speak them to yourself, and encourage yourself in the Word of God.  The world is full of negativity, envy and simply good-for-nothing feelings. Unfortunately, there are plenty of free platforms to air their poison on.  Do not ever allow anyone to make you think that you made the biggest mistake.  Trust me, if you serve yourself to them, they will forget their own messes and pay attention to yours.  I have often heard from my pastor, that, it is not what you go through, but how you come out of it that matters.  Nadya, child of God, hold your head up high!!!  I may not know what you go through, but I have to say this;  take great confidence in God, live a righteous life before God, and do not care what man can do to you.  God is for you, who can be against you? Every negative person out there can only lose.  Isaiah 54;17 says: No weapon formed against you will prosper.  Bring up those children in the knowledge of God.  When they grow up, they will not depart from it, and it will be a shield of protection for their lives.
Finally, the next time you show up n TV, sit poised, as if the greatest diva that ever lived has nothing on you!  That is simply the truth.  You did what no other woman has done, and you are taking it in stride; you are putting those children’s best interest ahead of yours, and you still have your sanity…what a woman of courage!   Do not think of yourself in the image created by the media.  Hold you head up high, and enjoy those children!  They are gifts from God.   I repeat, What a blessed woman you are!!  One more thing, Nadya:  you are not alone.  It may seem that way because those children are all biologically yours.  Yet, there are many women in a situation similar to yours, even though the children may not be theirs biologically.  Rather, they had these children thrust on them by vicissitudes .  I come from Africa, a continent in which many children have ended up living with their grandmothers .
I am not drawing parallels; just reminding you that it is not uncommon in the world for one parent to find him or herself taking care of many children. And, you think you have an addiction to children?  You have nothing on Jesus!  He is so crazy about kids, he said to his disciples to bring all the children to him, because the Kingdom of God is for such. (not quoting.)  So, take courage dear girl, you are blessed and favored!
Thanks for reading my message to you.  God bless you and those children, and take care of you all!
Charity (My real name.)