Nadya Suleman – I’m sorry for the way the public has treated you

Why is it the Bates Family can have 19 kids all separate (the wife laid down and had s*x with no protection each time hoping to get pregnant) because the lord gives them the gift of child birth. But Nadya Suleman is all these negative things because she had octuplets through in vitro fertilization (she felt like a life was a life and didn’t want to choose which to abort) keep in mind the Bates Family does not have health insurance according to 20/20 report. “While the Bates – who describe themselves now as “content with whatever the Lord” chooses for them in terms of having more children – are following in the steps of the Duggars and other families made famous by reality TV, don’t expect them to go completely Hollywood.” “If we have the money we go get it and if we don’t, we don’t. Everything is cash,” Gil said. “We try to work hard. We try to find the best buy and we live within our means.”” in other words they can’t afford that many kids and more often than not rely on churches to provide their needs. It doesn’t say if they get family a*sistance or not. But they are from East TN so I wouldn’t be surprised. The Church and Christians need to stop singling Nadya Suleman referring to her as “Octomom” and judging her to do questionable things to take care of her family. She is fully ent*tled to family a*sistance. Trust me farmers and take corporate welfare and millionaires take deductions that highly paid accountants find loopholes to see that they quality. Why don’t all the Christians try to help Nadya Suleman if they are concerned with how she has been forced to make a living? She was shamed to death for taking welfare; people can’t have things both ways. She is trying to take care of her family and is deeply scrutinized for doing her best. Stop letting the bible pick and choose who we should care for. It is sickening to me.

I’m sorry for the way the public has treated you.


Roger Miller

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