Hospital Workers Fired for Looking at Octo-Mom Records

How many workers were fired for looking at Nadya Suleman’s hostpital records?

It’s been reported that 15 hospital workers were fired for looking at Octomoms records.  Kaiser Permanente spokesman Jim Anderson said Monday the violations of health care privacy laws were reported to the state Department of Public Health.

Anderson says that eight other employees were disciplined for accessing her files at Kaiser’s hospital in Bellflower, where Suleman gave birth to the octuplets on Jan. 26.

Nadya does not plan to sue the hospital for breach of privacy and officials believe there wasn’t any information that was shared with the media.

Why do you think the employees were looking at her hospital documents?

Do you think they shared any of OctoMoms hospital information with the media?

Letter to Octomom | Subject: my opinion

I think everyone should just mind there own business and let this lady raise her kids the best she can and in anyway she can to support them.

I don’t hear anyone complaining about “John and Kate” who had 6 babies and has a t.v show, are those kids in danger of emotional problems because of their show.

If she get’s a show we won’t be supporting her.