PETA May Help Octomom Prevent Home Forclosure

LA HABRA, Calif., March 24 (UPI) — A prominent U.S. animal rights group says it wants to help California “Octomom” Nadya Suleman with finances by placing an ad on her front lawn.

A spokeswoman for Virginia-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the organization sent a letter to Suleman’s lawyer offering to pay for an ad to be placed in front of her La Habra home as a means of helping her avoid foreclosure on the house, the Orange County (Calif.) Register reported Wednesday.

“When you gave birth to octuplets to bring your total number of children to 14, you grabbed headlines and got

the world talking about your controversial decision,” the letter reads. “Now will you help turn some of that attention to another important matter — the dog and cat overpopulation crisis? Unlike humans, dogs and cats cannot decide for themselves how many offspring they will have.”

“Taking us up on our offer is a win-win situation: It would help you and your children to keep your home and also reduce the number of homeless dogs and cats,” PETA wrote.

Suleman’s lawyer, Jeff Czech, said he has been in contact with PETA’s legal department and is awaiting an offer.