So called haters

I wonder how many people that cut you down are actually ┬ánon sinners? There are soooo many people in this world thand have kids for a free ride. And half leave their kids home or in the cars. You have shown how much you love your kids. Those people who degrade youprobably sit up front in church. They should all reflect on theirselves before talking with ignorance. And I too believe Susie Orman and Oprah did a shameful thing. I guess Oprah was running out of shows to do. It’s a fact that kids are abused in adopted families also, butyou don’t hear until they grow up because of fear. These people who hate you have nothing better to do, they should get a job or pray that you make the right decisions for your kids. I will pray for you for strength and guidance. If I could help you I would……All my love……Angie