Starting Over …


First of all .. I’m not completely unsympathetic to your plight, even though I think you basically did this to yourself – I wouldn’t want to see you lose your kids. I just think that after the initial HUGE mistake of trying to have more kids on top of the ones you already had and couldn’t afford, you’ve made many more mistakes since then when you had money and offers coming your way.

Instead of looking ahead and spending it wisely, you handled your sudden windfall of income like mad money. I’m sure you didn’t need a $400 and some thousand dollar home for starters when you didn’t even have a real job or any kind of guarantee that money would just keep rolling in from tv appearances etc. – which obviously you never paid for anyway.  You turned up your nose at an offer for free and professional childcare offered to you on the Dr. Phil show, and I don’t know .. I guess you just thought you were just now forever going to be a celebrity, but you’re now finding that your 5 minutes of fame are over, which is usually the case in situations like yours. There’s always some new big story just around the corner.

It’s also pretty commonly believed that you used some of the money you received for plastic surgery, clothes and other expensive items for yourself, which may or not be the case.

You nodded your head in agreement at everyone who offered you advice and help, yet in the end did what you wanted.

For you to have a website asking for donations is just so wrong – as I said when we see you living in an almost $500K house, sporting designer bags, expensive clothes, etc.

How you kept nannies without paying them is beyond me.

Mostly just hearing that you are approx. 1 million dollars in debt is just unbelievable that you could have spent that amount of money being unemployed with all those kids & just should never have happened and clearly shows that you were living way beyond your means.

I realize you cant’ turn back the clock, but I think you need to at least get your feet firmly planted on the ground and forget doing p**n to support your kids!

I would say for starters your only option is to move into government housing yet i’m wondering if they even have any units that can house that many people!  so I’m not sure what the answer is there if not.

Basically you’ve just put yourself in an impossible position. MAYBE you could find some sort of work that you could do from home because what it would cost you for childcare so that you could go work outside the home would make it not even worthwhile.

I just know you need to forget your expectation of forever being a celebrity! It’s over. People are just sick of the whole thing and you coming into big money just for doing something so incredibly stupid., and unfortunately the ones who will now suffer are your children, which I believe you truly love and so sad that it’s going to be so difficult for you to be able to keep them now.

I actually wish I had some helpful advice for you but it almost seems unsurmountable to be able to come up with a solution where you can continue to afford to keep all your children, which is sad. But I would say if anyone else comes along who is in a position to help you again, you need to listen and do what they tell you. Don’t screw it up again, but as I said, forget about doing p**n! what a horrible example to set for your children.

Maybe you could come up with some kind of business that you could do out of your home. That’s the only solution I can think of & only hope something can be figured out so you don’t lose those kids.