Letter to Octomom | Subject: Stop Picking on Nadya

I’m sorry but this is getting on my last nerve. There are so many of you out there trashing this woman for being morally wrong for wanting to have a big family, and for getting help ( money ) for her and her kids. Think back a minute to your grandparents day and even your great grandparents time. It was perfectly normal for a woman to birth 14-16 kids. And do you seriously think that she didn’t recieve help from other people around her(food, clothing, even money). Granted times have changed and Nadya had her children a little differently but why should that matter. Why has society got this image in their head that we can only have 3-4 kids? And why is she not entiltled to get help from any one? Were your great grandmothers picked on back in the day or did they recieve help without a second thought?