Subject: I love her… (octomom)

I think Nayda is great. I would love to have 14 kids. But I can’t even have 1. Babies are a blessing, even if they are from just a donor and not a boyfriend or husband. I think single moms are brave. They should have their own holiday. I think everyonne needs to leave her alone, Stop trashing her. What happened to kind hearted people? If I won the lottery, I would give her all of it, because her and her children need it more than I do. I wish I could donate diapers and clothes, but I can’t find that website everyones talking about. Nayda you are a very brave woman, don’t let anyone tell you different! Who cares if our tax money is helping her out, I’d rather her have it so she can support her kids than the goverment have it to do absolutly nothing with. The goverment s**ks. I hope she will find a nice rich man one day that wont care about all the headlines. And I hope her children live happy and healthy lives. I would be her best friend if I could. I would love to meet those precious children. Good luck! And can someone please direct me to her officially website? Thank you.