Subject: I think it is very sad to hate the Octomom (Email to

I think it is very sad to hate the Octomom.  Those children need loads of love and help from everyone,  All she was doing is not have her eggs go to waste.  And she never expected all those eggs to develop into fetuses.  Her babies are healthy and I pray they can grow up feeling loved.  Why are people so hateful towards her. ??
When the one couple used invitro and got  those seven babies, everyone wanted to help them and they received so much help.  Stop calling her a fool and try to help the children grow up feeling loved and cared for.   It is such a sin to be hateful to anyone.

She felt that only three would possible take and she felt it religiously wrong to destroy the eggs.  Enough already!  reach out to help the situation and pray she can do well. I’m pleading for the health and stability fir these kids. I was a teacher and see the great need to be loving and kind to these babies.  God Bless you all and may you reach out to the kids and forgive.

Amelia A.