Subject: Nadia is wonderful!

This is a sweet message to Nadia Sulamen. I am not going to by all means judge or chastise
this woman. It’s my dream to be like her a be mom of 14 kids or whatever. More power to her.
I’m a single unmarried woman who’s currently dating a nice gentleman right now and we’re in our forties.
But…..I’ve suffered one sad miscarriage at 22, and had an abortion at 42. I don’t want to go through that again.
My boyfriend doesn’t want kids, and we both live on pensions, so we can’t wed. My biggest secret and dream is to have a sperm donor impregnate me (either s*xually, or with my old handy turkey baster) or have Nadia’s doctor
call me up and if he’s quacky enough to give her invitro-fertilization, hey, man maybe I can have that chance too.
It would be very private and secretive, behind my boyfriends’ back, since he doesn’t want kids. But I want that dream!
If Nadia can pull it off, why the h**l can’t I?
                                                                             Call me insane….I don’t care what YOU think!
                                                                             I’m going to have a baby!  Love, Kimberly XO