Hi Nayda!

My name is Chris. I do think you’re a little wacky, but who wouldn’t be in your position? You’re actually kinda cute (considering what your body has been through.) I think you’re really wonderful for doing what you need to do for your children! You’re expenses must be mind-blowing. I’m sorry to say I’m on a fixed income and can’t offer you any a*sistance other than praise and good wishes. “Dancing” and posing can only take you so far, but I know you’re thinking of your next move, so don’t despair! You might be a little bit “out there” (so am I!), but I bet you’re smarter than you think! You have a good “public persona” and “Q” factor, and nobody wants to step in your shoes! I’m sure you have some form of advocate/social worker helping with paperwork BS, but I can’t figure out if you ever sleep!

If you’d ever like to talk (about whatever!), I’ll send you my phone number.

Best wishes,