Teach your children

Dear Nadya:  I think you are a very strong women.  Putting aside all the negative communications I’ve seen, you always seem to be enjoying your children.  You hug them, they look clean and fed and the children seem to be enjoying themselves.  Many overwhelmed mothers have made their name in the press when they have murdered their children, God help them.  But you have not turned to harming your children, you have weathered through a strong storm of press, lawyers, photographers and I can only imagine what else we don’t know about.  So, my hat is off to you Miss Nadya, Supermom and Octomom.   I made an offer to you when you first had the 8 babies, I will provide your children with eye exams.  I will honor that promise.  Please make sure you teach your children their letters, write capital letters all over the house, “A” “B” and so on. Your children will learn to love to read that way.  You have made mistakes, haven’t we all.  Be the best mom you can.  All the best, Dr. Bernstein, Los Angeles.