To Miss Octomom

Dear Nadya Suleman, Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do with your kids. Those are your children, your blood whether you are on a*sistance or not it is none of their business what you do with your babies, as long as you love and care for them in action, just let the haters hate, you’re doing your thing, as a single mom by choice! you are a strong woman and it takes a lot and a special person to care for all of those babies. How anyone could be so evil and wicked to say give them up for adoption is wrong, why send them away from their natural home who on earth is going to take in 14 kid sibling pack???? non biological? sounds like a pedophile behind it. take care of you kin and p.s don’t bring shame to your family by posing nude and doing p**n. there are so many other ways to make money even as a mom.