Letter to Octomom | Subject: where are the Christians? nadya needs their help!

if every member of a Christian church in USA would act as the Bible tells us all to do…..they would each make a donation of any size..to a nadya suleman child fund if they r financially able to; I live on SS & i m donating to kids..

why not ? no matter if some of u declare her to be ‘insane’ ..so what?…. the innocent children still need food and shelter and love

I do not view the mom as a gold digger by any means…just immature perhaps in her baby decision making skills….

and just as guilty of this sefishness that she now admits to…are the medical community…. who. allowed this embryo implantation of 8 to occur. Sue the so-called doctor ! he has mal practice insurance.

that doctor took advantage of Nadya instead o f refusing her money …for the proceedure….the doctor violated doctors oath……do no harm,

childrens protective services failed Nadya as well….. they must visit her home and a*sess. and they must encourage Nadya to apply for and accept FOOD STAMPS and free medicaid insurance for herself and kids.

she deserves the a*sistance as much or more

than all the illegals fr Mexico and other foreignors here soaking up all our U.S. free handouts….

Nadya needs help !…

1st is FOOD.
.. then shelter money.
then paid caregivers around the clock.