I know that your children are getting older, but I am still sure that there are many families out there willing to adopt them.  You are out selling your body now to support them.  Please, if you love them, give them to someone that can give them a good home.  Being a parent is not letting your kids run around naked or write all over your walls to get attention.  You do not lock your kids in a room when you cannot handle them.  Did you really think the donations would keep pouring in?  Instead of getting your hair done at a cost of over a thousand dollars, why not get your babies some huggies?  You make me sick and I hope the state comes and takes your kids and gives them to someone that will take proper care of them.  Oh, yeah, BTW, your parents do not owe you a thing.  Maybe you should have thought of how you were going to take care of these kids before you got inseminated. And who is taking care of them while you go and strip?