You are going through a very tough time but it will get better

Dear Nadya

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time with your home and finances. Whatever has happened in the past does not matter now, what matters is the health and well-being of you and your children. There have been a lot of ignorant and spiteful things being said about you which will hurt you and get you down but remember that not everybody feels the same towards you so pay no attention to these busy body interfering no marks because I am sure that they don’t live perfect lives and it does not say much for them that they can go around bashing your charachter and your ability as a mother when you are at such a low ebb. You did not choose any of the negative press that you have been getting neither do you deserve it. I swear to you if I was in a position to help you financially I would and if I lived in the same country and vicinity as you I would give you all the support that I could give you. If ever I become lucky to win a substancial amount on the lotto I won’t forget you and shame on those many affluent folk who have money in abundance and have not come forward and made a donation to you and your children even if they did it anonymously. Keep your chin up and believe with all your heart that your situation will turn itself around because you have many supporters out there praying and rooting for you.

Take good care, lots if care of yourself and your beautiful children and take all the help that us being offered to you both financially and emotioLnally. God Bless

Julie from Wolverhampton, Uk