You’re a disgrace Octomom

Dear Nadya,

I just found out you are now crying to the public to have them fund a new house for you & your neglected brood to destroy.  If anyone gives you anything but their handkerchief I think I will blow a gasket!  You have pulled so many stunts & have left a wake of destruction in your path.  You’ve shown yourself to be little more than the self-serving, self-promoting, self centered sow that you really are.  You’ve let your current home, also bought through the kindness of others, go into foreclosure because you are a lazy, filthy, bad joke.  You’ve done despicable & heinous things to self-promote & w***e yourself for money which you use mostly on yourself & once you’re sated & have a little left over, you get a few sc**ps for your kids.  Your neighbors, the people who had helped raise your children, the social workers & the therapists who help your children’s “disabilities” all know that you don’t give a hoot about your kids.  You use them as pawns in your game to feed your need for $$$$  You thought being a brood sow & birthing 8 children at once would make you “famous.”  It did.  It sure did.  But it didn’t bring you the life of a celebrity that you so badly craved.  All of the plastic surgeries, botox & Brazilian blowouts were bought & paid for by funds that were gotten by crying out to help your kids & what do the little ones have to show for it?  Filthy clothing & bodies, a home where things are dirty, broken & disrespected.  It’s because everything has been given to you & them that you & your children -that learn from you- do not value the things you have.  I suggest that you get back on Welfare & take a section 8 apartment, which will be clean, well kept & maintained as well as big enough for you & your kids & on top of that, you will be able to take advantage of learning a career so that you will not have to keep scheming, lying, thieving & whoring yourself & your children out to make a living.  I truly cannot find words harsh enough to show my utter contempt & disgust for you & your self-serving ways at the expense of the innocent lives you’ve brought into the world without a father.  You’ve treated everyone, including your own parents, as slaves to your self serving whims & wants.  You truly do not care if your children have stability nor a clean, calm & loving home; it’s all about you.  I wish that fertility doctor had given you a hysterectomy instead of implanting the 8 babies.  You’d already had 4 children who only knew stability through your parents & you were the one who insisted on going for more IVF treatments & when told that 8 embryos had taken & for your, as well as their own, safety needed to be aborted but you declined!  You then took to suing & destroying the lives of the doctor & his family by hiring a lawyer; who paid for that, or was the case taken on contingency,  I wonder?  Shame on you Nadya Suleman!  Your stints to drum up more attention & more money have been shameful & disturbing, now you’re going even deeper to cry for more $$$$ for another home you will undoubtedly destroy!  Shame on you & shame on ANYONE who gives you anything other than well deserved conempt!